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Nefesh Yehudi is an organization dedicated to strengthening Jewish identity through the study of Torah and Jewish thought. Nefesh Yehudi offers a small monthly stipend to Israeli university students who commit themselves to four weekly hours of Torah study as well as two weekend seminars a year.   Nefesh Yehudi also brings a few hundred students each year to Eastern Europe on a heritage tour where the students confront the tragedies of the holocaust through the lens of Jewish thought. 

Unfortunately, living in Israel is not a enough to create a strong Jewish identity, and many young Israelis feel no particular connection to Judaism. Nefesh Yehudi believes that an educated Jew is a connected Jew and is determined to allow every Jewish student an opportunity to grapple with traditional Jewish texts and ideas. Five thousand new students attend the Nefesh Yehudi program each year, many of whom continue their studies with us for years afterwards.  Thousands of graduates  have gone on to live  lives and establish homes which are infused with Jewish values.  

Please partner with us in providing this opportunity to meet Judaism in an authentic way through the study of Torah and Jewish thought to thousands of Israeli university students. 

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